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3D virtual reality & fashion design

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Here, I will be dividing and documenting my process into three major sections.


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Before beginning my design process, I will be sketching out and illustrating scenes, objects and sculptures around NYC in its major districts. Part of the design process will be UI/UX as I consider how I can create a virtual storytelling experience that is ‘out of this world’. For example, I am partnering with a programmer who may be able to help me create vibrational (haptic feedback) upon hovering your hand around an animated garment.

As an apparel designer, learning CLO 3D has inspired me to learn more about animation and design in a virtual space. Not only can you visualize your garment designs with real patternmaking and prototyping, but you can also merchandise them and streamline your design and production. This software inspires me to experiment in this new space and hopefully capitalize on the future of fashion and design as we know it. Here, I lay out my research and design plans for the 3D garments that I will be developing for my 3D fashion experience.

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After sketching and visualizing a generic scene and backdrop for the environment for each garment, I will sketch in 3D with Tilt Brush, Gravity Sketch, and 3D model in Blender. This will be to create assets that enhance the visual and emotional experience of the environment. In this, I will be animation, texturing, and rendering hyperrealistic images and 3D objects to import into a virtual reality scene.

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My intention with this project is to show how New York has been such an impactful birthplace of fashion in the US, as it will remain in the future. Because of how diverse NYC is, there are so many cultures and lifestyles that influence the character of each major district. I wanted to embody these characteristics into 3-dimensional environments and interactive scenes. For this project, I will be utilizing state-of-the-art technology and challenging myself to learn various new software to push the limits of what is possible in fashion today. I believe that the future of design is multidisciplinary.

The purpose of this project is completely experimental. In order to shift the way that we value clothing as a society, my goal is to take more than just fashion design but the experience of the art into a new realm. I want to envision garments not designed for a particular individual, but for the district as a whole for each unique garment and scene.

At completion, it will be individual scenes and garments with inspiration deriving from one another. My goal is to captivate more than just one market but maintaining the essence of luxury, detail, and craft across all garments.


I utilize a combination of traditional design and craft skills alongside new and innovative technology for multidimensional visualization.


Passionate about immersive experiences and enhancing creative processes by combining disciplines and working through various mediums.


Documenting my process thoroughly and rigorously will help me communicate my vision and process in the most effective way. I will be publically laying out my thought process and development check-points.

This is a website wholly dedicated to my senior capstone development for the University of Cincinnati DAAP, so that I can visualize and realize my design process in a transparent, effective way. To view my personal portfolio and other projects that I have worked on, please view my personal website.

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