3D Concept & UI/UX

Before beginning my design process, I will be sketching out and illustrating scenes, objects and sculptures around NYC in its major districts. Part of the design process will be UI/UX as I consider how I can create a virtual storytelling experience that is ‘out of this world’. For example, I am partnering with a programmer who may be able to help me create vibrationally (haptic feedback) upon hovering your hand around an animated garment.





Gathering Inspiration & Imagery

May 30, 2020 - June 5th 2020

May 30th, 2020: Initial Research

I will be beginning my research and development for phase one of the overall concept. Stay tuned and subscribe for updates and emails!

Initial Environment 1 Concept Sketch

June 8th, 2020

June 8th, 2020: 3D Environment Concept Sketch

Today, I used Gravity Sketch to do a quick mockup up the inside of the Oculus. The Oculus was the pathway to my internship a few months ago, now I can't even remember what it looks like without an image.


I took a sketch that I drew on Procreate and tried to use simple shapes to create the same depth and structure that the Oculus has. Below is a screen recording of my initial sketch as well as some screenshots of the process. I intend to play with lighting, texture, and color in Keyshot.

Untitled_Artwork 30.PNG

initial environment sketch in procreate

The Oculus, in the Financial District of NYC serves as an iconic hub for transport, shopping, work, an experience in and of itself. It serves as an architectural masterpiece, designed in 2016 by Santiago Calatrava. The sleek, white, steel walls reflect and capture light in an ethereal way. The Oculus was designed as a metaphor for "a bird flying from the hands of a child", intended to create a sense of hope in a place where tragedy has struck. It certainly creates a sense of renewal, which is highly sought after during a time like this.


Financial District

initial environment draft in gravity sketch

notes on initial environment sketch

the ceiling has been dripping for months--animate dripping water and wet floor sign, adds character and humor

don't forget the lighting, key part of the architecture

make pillars more angular and fluid, perfect overlook

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 12.22.48 PM.pn

replace with glass material and bars, reference reality for texturing

very wide screen used for advertising should be included in model,

opportunity feature other students work from my University as an ad?

granite/marble style paneled tiling, take real photos for texturing

more ads and opportunity for messages

metrocard machines

how to create impact


the sounds of thousands of voices in passing can be rather mesmerizing

music should be equally as dreamy as the environment itself

go to the oculus and take real recordings of the sounds

WTC Oculus Sounds
Nikes - Frank Ocean (Pitch Change)


water dripping from the ceiling to reflect the imperfection and irony, wet floor sign

make the volume of the sound dripping water increase as you walk through the tunnel

insert MetroCard to play music