3D Concept & UI/UX

Before beginning my design process, I will be sketching out and illustrating scenes, objects and sculptures around NYC in its major districts. Part of the design process will be UI/UX as I consider how I can create a virtual storytelling experience that is ‘out of this world’. For example, I am partnering with a programmer who may be able to help me create vibrationally (haptic feedback) upon hovering your hand around an animated garment.

sketchbook spreads


walk through

notes on scene

Gameplay Development

July 8th - 9th, 2020

July 8th, 2020: Material Room Concept Sketch

An essential part of creating this experience is showing people the process behind it all. I hope to create a 3D room dedicated to the basic concept, material development, and general construction of the garment. I this room, I want to consider opportunities to switch on wind and see the material move in different ways. 


Initial Wireframe

July 8th - 9th, 2020

July 8th, 2020: Initial Wireframe

interface sampling

avenir, 15 pt

all caps

rounded corners 91% / 5 pt black border / white fill

avenir, 15 pt

all caps

didot, 15 pt

all lowercase

I will be doing user testing to get feedback on which interfaces are most appealing and understandable from a beginner's perspective.

Initial Material Room Concept Sketch

Sept 8th - 9th, 2020

Sept 8th, 2020: Material Room Concept Sketch

I brought my sketch into Blender and modeled an interior for a studio that highlights storytelling with my designs and allows interactivity. I used inspiration and 'artwork' inspired by my 3D models of NYC.

For example, the walls are the same as the walls in The Oculus!


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